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ZIBO! and Ocean Wise: Supporting Sustainability in the Restaurant Industry, One Plate at a Time

When we opened the very first ZIBO! in Rosemère back in 2001, we had no idea how far our adventure would take us.


In business, success is always the goal, but it’s uncertain if success will ever be achieved.


Today, after over 20 years and 8 locations, we are more committed than ever to develop our restaurants with sustainable food choices, both for ourselves and future generations.


This desire for eco-responsibility gave birth to our partnership with the Ocean Wise program, which we are introducing to you right now.

Promoting Responsible Seafood Consumption

If you’re familiar with the Ocean Wise fish logo but unsure about the program’s mission, here it is: to put an end to overfishing, bycatch, and damage to marine habitats.


In practical terms, as restaurant owners, Ocean Wise’s recommendations guide and educate us, enabling us to select sustainable seafood.

These environmentally aligned food choices are proudly added to our menu and served in all our restaurants.

A Natural Partnership for a Sustainable Restaurant Industry

Becoming an Ocean Wise partner is completely voluntary; no company is obligated. However, for us, it was a natural choice.


We took the first steps with the organizer in 2012.


I wanted us to find a way to offer to our clients fish with a reduced environmental impact.


And that’s exactly what we achieved, particularly with our sesame-crusted Ahi tuna and pan-seared Mediterranean sea bass.


These two fish species are among the 3,100 recommendations from the Canadian organization, and by adhering to Ocean Wise’s scientific criteria, we are actively contributing to positive change in water practices.


It’s not always easy to determine if the fish on your plate is the right one. With Ocean Wise, our customers can always be confident.

Evolving Environmental Values

Environmental protection is a hot topic right now. Everyone knows it.


As businesses, it is our responsibility to safeguard the Earth’s valuable resources for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.


Implementing our environmental values requires additional steps and costs, but the investment is well worth it.


Our culinary practices are aligned with our commitment to eco-responsibility.


While we could outsource the preparation and distribution of our products, we have chosen to handle everything in-house, close to our head office in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal, through Alimentation Eureka.


This allows us to have better control over our food choices, minimize product transportation, and ensure standardized practices across all our restaurants.

Contributing to Eco-Responsible Awareness in Quebec

Ocean Wise has fewer than 800 partners worldwide, including grocers, fishmongers, producers, suppliers, fishermen, and restaurant owners.


We take immense pride in being part of those who contribute to raising eco-responsibility awareness in Quebec through our sustainable restaurant initiatives.



We extend a heartfelt thank you to Kayla Menu-Courey, our main contact at Ocean Wise, who inspired this article. Her advice, passion, infectious energy, and commitment drive us to become even more involved in preserving natural resources.

Anick Letarte

Vice President